Retail India News: ONDC and Meta Join Forces to Empower Indian MSMEs in Digital Commerce
Retail India News: ONDC and Meta Join Forces to Empower Indian MSMEs in Digital Commerce

Today, a strategic partnership unfolds as ONDC and Meta collaborate to revolutionize digital commerce for small businesses in India. This alliance aims to empower and educate small businesses, enabling them to create seamless conversational buyer and seller experiences on WhatsApp through Meta's ecosystem of business and technical solution providers. Simultaneously, ONDC will facilitate these business solution providers in becoming seller apps, integrating the businesses they serve into the ONDC Network, propelling them into the forefront of digital commerce.

To kickstart this transformative partnership, the next two years will witness the digital upskilling of five lakh MSMEs through the Meta Small Business Academy. An integral component of Meta's commitment to upskill 10 million small businesses in the country, the Meta Small Business Academy offers certifications empowering entrepreneurs and marketers with essential digital marketing skills to thrive on Meta's suite of apps.

T Koshy, MD and CEO of ONDC said, "Our commitment at ONDC is to accelerate and democratize the digital landscape, empowering MSMEs to enhance digital visibility and boost their businesses. Today, digital marketing is critical for business growth, and our partnership with Meta will not only digitally upskill these businesses but also facilitate them in connecting with a broader customer base. We are confident that our collaborative efforts will catalyze growth for millions of small businesses, providing them with the impetus needed for success."

Sandhya Devanathan, VP, Meta in India added, "India's digital transformation is evolving rapidly, and to sustain this growth, we need the right ecosystem and partnerships to enable millions of small businesses to strengthen their digital presence. Our collaboration with ONDC aligns with the government's vision for Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and reinforces our ongoing commitment to upskilling small businesses, contributing to the rapid digital transformation and growth narrative in the country."

As part of this dynamic partnership, Meta will also enhance ONDC's WhatsApp chatbot, Sahayak, serving as the primary point of communication for sellers and customers on the ONDC platform.

Earlier this year, Meta launched the 'WhatsApp Se Vyapaar' program, aiming to upskill 10 million traders across 29 states in 11 Indian languages on the WhatsApp Business app. The WhatsApp Business app has garnered over 200 million users worldwide, with over 60 percent of WhatsApp users in India engaging with business accounts, highlighting the growing importance of digital commerce in the country.

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