Security of women is a social problem: NCW Minu Poddar
Security of women is a social problem: NCW Minu Poddar

We all know that our country, India is famous for its different customs and culture throughout the world. In India, it has been a tradition since ancient times that women are given special honour and respect. India is a country where special care is taken of the safety and respect of women. In Indian culture, women have been given the status of Goddess Lakshmi. If we talk about the twenty-first century, then women are working on the shoulders with men in every field, whether it is politics, bank, school, sports, police, defence sector, own business or the desire to fly in the sky is.

Although, it is one hundred percent truth that in Indian society, women like Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped but negative aspects towards women cannot be ignored. The importance of protection of women is very important whether it is at home, or in office. The protection of women is very broad in itself, given the increased atrocities against women in the last few years, we cannot say that women in our country are completely safe. Women themselves feel unsafe, especially if they want to go out alone. It is indeed embarrassing for us that women in our country are living in fear.It is not necessary that the oppression of women is only in the late evening or in the night, but such strange cases have emerged from participating by family relatives or in the office. In a survey conducted by an NGO, it was found that the main reasons for these rising crimes were lack of co-operative work in the workplace, police service like openness, alcohol consumption, addiction and lack of toilets.

In the last few years, the level of safety of women is constantly falling. The reason behind this is the continuing increase in crime. From the medieval era to the 21st century, there has been a continuous decline in the situation of women. Women have equal rights for men, they represent half of the population of the country and there are also half partners in development. This argument cannot be denied, that in today’s modern era, women not only advanced men but also two steps ahead. From the President’s Office, she has become the basis of district level plans. Women cannot be imagined without generalization. However, if there is a list of crimes against women in India, then it is too long; it involves acid attack, violence, sexual violence, dowry death, abduction, honour killing, rape, foetal murder, mental harassment etc.

Security of women is a social problem, it needs to be resolved as soon as possible. Women have more than half of the population, who suffer from physical, mental and social status. This is an obstacle to the development and progress of the country.Every day and every minute some women of all walks of life (a mother, a sister, a wife, young girls, and girl baby children) are getting harassed, molested, assaulted, and violated at various places all over the country. Areas like streets, public spaces, public transport, etc have been the territory of women hunters. Girl students studying in the schools or colleges have to shield themselves through books or bags or they have to wear clothes which can cover them completely. In some cases a girl child is sale by her parents just to earn some money. Girls generally face acid attacks on the streets and kidnapping for the sex purpose by strangers. According to the statistics, it is found that a woman is raped in India every 20 minutes.

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