No Car Day
No Car Day

Madhya Pradesh High Court judges, lawyers in Indore mark 'No Car Day' by using public transport, two-wheelers

The initiative was kickstarted by Indore Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava, who called for the city to be at the forefront in terms of air quality and cleanliness.

Madhya Pradesh High Court judges and public representatives were among those in Indore who opted for public transportation instead of cars last week as part of the city's 'No Car Day', an initiative promoted by its mayor.

Judges, lawyers and public representatives travelled to their offices using public transport or on two-wheelers. District court judges even cycled to reach the courthouse, lawyers in the know said.

Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava had urged everyone to refrain from using their cars on September 22 to observe No Car Day in Indore.

The city needs to be at the forefront in terms of air quality and cleanliness, he had said.

The Indore bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court had also issued a notice to its staff, judges and lawyers encouraging them to use alternative transportation instead of cars.

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